Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

High-performance, scalable bandwidth solutions for your blockchain infrastructure

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We have built the ultimate, secure infrastructure to support your adoption of Blockchain technology, offering you unmetered and unthrottled bandwidth for your crypto-currency transactions. Join thousands of global companies across financial services, supply chains, healthcare and more to discover innovative ways you can leverage distributed ledger technology to drive operational efficiencies and deliver instant business value to your stakeholders. 

Strengthen control over your enterprise’s capital and avoid costly bandwidth overage charges, our unmetered bandwidth offers the perfect hosting solution to handle extensive crypto workloads and unpredictable traffic bursts - just what you need to embark on your digital transformation journey.

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Dedicated Account Manager and 24 hour expert support available 365 days a year.

Global footprint of 50+ THG Hosting data centers in multiple data center locations worldwide.

Additional bandwidth options available to handle your workload requirements.

360 degree solution available as a hybrid with THG Hosting bare metal or cloud via direct connection.